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Suncoast’s Favorite Cowboy
Cowboy was my first purebred Golden Retriever. I purchased him from Patricia McCabe in 2000. He was out of Suncoast Whodathunkit and Deauxquest Trophy Hunter. Cowboy was a faithful companion and a wonderful gentle family dog who loved our kids and was much loved in return. He was with me through the birth of our two sons but died of hemangiosarcoma early in 2009.

One of my most striking memories of Cowboy is the day I was outside on the porch in the middle of the afternoon. My 3 and 5 year old sons played in the front yard while Cowboy hung around the sideline. A growling rabid raccoon ran out of the garden and headed straight for my boys. My good dog instinctively intercepted the raccoon while I got the boys in the house. The raccoon bit Cowboy all over the face and neck before I could get it off and trapped under a garbage can. He was of course vaccinated and then boostered. Cowboy spent 45 days quarantined at my house in a kennel. I was allowed to do this as I am a licensed veterinarian, vaccinated for rabies myself and had a kennel. I am always thankful for Cowboy for protecting my children from that raccoon. He was gorgeous and I will always miss him.

Favorite Cowboy Photos

Cowboy and baby at Kestrel Farm Goldens
Cowboy at Kestrel Farm Goldens
Cowboy and toddler at Kestrel Farm Goldens
“Wowser” was my second purebred Golden Retriever. After the loss of Cowboy, I could not go long without another dog. The year was 2009 and my husband and I had just returned from a trip to China to bring home our 11 month old daughter, Eva Mei. I knew better than to manage a puppy and a baby at the same time. I called Kathy Yates, owner of Hunter, Cowboy’s sire, to see if she might know of anyone that wanted to place a mature dog. It was not long before she knew of a young woman that decided her one year old Golden needed more attention than she could manage while pursuing her equestrian activities. The woman agreed to leave her young male dog, at the time, named Major, with my family for a week. The situation was odd in that the woman never came back and would not return my calls to confirm we could keep the dog. She had said he was co- owned by someone else and I might have to let him go to the show ring. I never heard from her again and still do not know the Wowser’s pedigree. He was a beautiful and anatomically correct dog. My sons renamed him Wowser as at the time, we were reading the book, Rascal: A Memoir of a Better Era, by Sterling North. This wonderful, moving memoir chronicles a young boy’s childhood in rural Wisconsin during WWI. Wowser was Sterling’s much beloved dog. We all loved Wowser and he was a cherished family dog. Wowser succumbed to Cutaneous T- Cell lymphoma in 2016.